Gearbox failure

So this just happened :sob::sob:,
Can anybody help with:
Possible cause of failure
How to prevent future failure
Where to get replacement?
Is there a better option then these motors?

Any help greatly appreciated.
On the brighter side of things i had just finished recal and bench mark cuts with best results to date :grin: so looking forward to getting cutting again soon :wink:

Ask bar if he has any spare gears

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I don’t have any spare gears at the moment, but I can send you a motor right away. Shoot us an email to and we’ll get one in the mail. It seems like there is always one gear which fails first so I’m talking to the manufacturer about making that gear out of a tougher alloy going forwards.


Thank you bar, I appreciate your reply and also nominating the fortnite remix sign :grin: that jolted my memory to a few issues i had that I believe has lead to the gear failure! I tried to think and couldnt remember a time the chains had snagged or tangled but I now remember when i was cutting the fortnite sign I had changed to the acrylic base which caught I think 3 times due to my tabs not holding and not having rounded the sled edge off. Although brief snags I this would have to be the cause i think! I will remove right motor and check gears today

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