General info for a newcomer

Hi there! I am looking to buy Maslow. Could you please tell me about your experience with the device. How long would it serve before anything starts breaking apart? What parts were you replacing and why? How reliable is it? I would appreciate any advise…

I think you could end up with a lot of different responses. This is just my opinion… Maslow CNC is not a “professional” device but more of a “hobbyist” device (though some people do use it in their businesses).

How well it performs really depends upon how well you build the device, how well you calibrate it, and how well you use it. Look around the forum and see the kind of things people have cut with it. There are some really impressive things. But also, there are plenty of messages about people having problems (straight lines not straight, circles out of round, squares out of square, etc.) If you want something that works out of the box, walk away from this. This machine will never match the accuracy of professional-grade CNC machines… but keep in mind, it’s also easily 10 times cheaper.

As for reliability, two areas where there have been failures… First are the gears in the motors. There’s one particular gear that seems to fail more than others and at one point replacement gears were available, but I don’t know if they still are. I can’t tell you how many hours you get out of a gear though… The other area is that some people have problems with USB connectivity. For some reason, some people get a lot of USB disconnects between the computer and the motor controller. When that happens, the machine loses its position and stops. You have to then manually reset the chains and try to continue the cutting operation. Resetting the chain could take 5-10 minutes or so… People have tried different USB cables, adding ferrites, rerouting the cables, shortening them, etc. I’ve never experienced a USB disconnect personally and neither have many, many others.

So, in a nutshell, if you’re the type of person that just wants to open the box and use it, I’d recommend against this product. If you like building things, learning things, trying out different things and don’t mind spending time getting it all to work… this is a great product.


Thank you for your prompt response and informative feedback! It looks like this thing is for enthusiasts, which are, I am sure, the overwhelming majority of people in this forum. I am glad to join the community!