Gersus’s build log

If it’s not a major listing of websites, could you share the information you found? (ie, a website?)

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This is the main website I used. Instead of using a door, I made the top lift off.


Thank you for that!

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I really like this idea of noise deadening the shop vac, have you noticed if it has to work harder or is getting warmer being in that enclosure? Or do you think there is enough air flow for the vacuum?

My plan is to monitor it and find out. I found several sites online building basically the same thing and no mention of heat build up or changes in the design to help dissipate the heat. Still a bit skeptical though. I just made it so I can’t say for sure yet. I did run it for a short time and it seemed fine but I’ll follow up later after a lengthy run.

Depends on your ambient outside air. If it’s 60 degrees F and under you’ll probably see it climb to 80-90 degrees after an hour or so (gut feel). I tested mine in 90 degree ambient and after 10 minutes is was over 110 degrees in there and climbing. Plastic around the motor was too hot to touch. I had to add more ventilation and a separate fan to flush out the motor exhaust. You can see here for what I did: Custom Hinged Maslow Build/Vice/Dust Collection/Silencer

It sure is nice having the vacuum quiet though!


Thanks for that! I live in Texas and my shop has no AC or insulation currently so I would probably need to add some fans to mine as well. I’m checking the build out now!

i’m thinking about installing one of these.


Boom! V carving! How cool?! Since doing the meticulous z I’ve dove into this idea. Hardest part was finding a program that worked well. Tried vcarve free trial. Can’t cut your own work so i tried one of their samples. Worked I guess but was ridiculously slow and I gave up after three hours of very little progress. Tried Easel but wasnt happy with it either. Tried F engrave and I think its great but more than I want right now. Carbide Create works great for simple v carving! Carved this word fast and simple. No problems, very satisfied. Bit was a cheapo menards 60 degree bit.


Also got the shop vac silencer worked out I think. Added the duct fan and temps have been great so far.


Wait… Is that the vacuum cleaner from the Teletubbies? :slight_smile:


Not in my shop! But could be his cousin by the looks of it lol!


You might want to try EstlCam for v-carving as well. That’s what I used for several projects now with pretty good results. It’s free (at full feature set) to start, eventually the pauses get annoying, but you’ll carve several projects before you get there…

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I have Estlcam but haven’t messed with it too much. It feels odd to me.

Playing around with textures in Carbide Create recently. I think I told the machine the wrong bit for the v carving because it rounded the corners etc. It was interesting to see it hog out so deep lol.


Nice work. I’ve been interested in finding a program that could implement textures. I may have to look into Carbide Create again.


Been super busy with work and non-maslow related woodwork. I did cut some letters for a wedding bar though.


I built this ash bar top from a log I salvaged from my river bottom. Took it to a sawmill, kiln dried it myself, then built a router sled to plane it, then sanded and finished. I wanted to cut the contoured edge on the maslow but it was 8.5’ long and didnt want to risk piece cutting it.


Todays project:
Uploading: 3583EEEF-D951-4FA6-B91E-6B699B209526.jpeg…]()

Went well, cut well and no errors so thats a win!
Some tear out in the really thin sections but it’ll be good, maybe cherry is vulnerable to that idk. Going to fill the letters with tinted epoxy. And shape the final piece with the table saw, router etc.


Tinted epoxy laid in the v groove, then ran thru the planer after drying to remove excess. Then finished with Rubio monocoat pure.