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Gersus’s build log


Been working on switchin to the meticulous z axis. I didnt get the holes for the ring cut so I plotted the holes thanks to @MeticulousMaynard. Cut the dust chute today and cut the circle portion of the acrylic.


That’s awesome that you were able to plot the whole template at once. I was worried that stitching it back together like I had said in my other post wouldn’t be as accurate as you’d need it to be, but I’m glad to see you were able to get it in one go! :smiley:


Yeah definitely. If plotting it didn’t work I was going to have Staples print it in one piece.


Not specifically Maz related but might cut this on the Maz later who knows.
Earlier this year I noticed a maple had fallen over at the family farm. Last weekend I took the tractor down to investigate. I cut into it and my suspicions were correct, it had spalt! Much of the tree was rotten but the center 9’ was mostly good. I hauled it into a local sawmill and I picked it up this morning. I’ve been waiting all week like a kid right before christmas to see how it turned out. I love maple, especially spalted, ambrosia, or wormy maple. Such cool colors and character. This log didnt disappoint, it looks awesome. I stacked it in the shop for drying and future projects. I also picked up a oak, hickory, and a nice pine slab from the sawmill guy for cheap!