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Gersus’s build log


In my experience, it is a good idea to stiffen the top beam.
I use a simple laser pointer attached to the beam in line with the beam, pointing to the wall.
Ideally you don’t want to see the laser dot move on a wall at 5 feet when the sled moves around the workspace.
Up-down move in the center will show front-back bow flex. Left-right move at constant height will show the tips vertical flex.


Cut the final sled this afternoon. Here is my impression and observations:

  1. Automated processes like this are awesome!
  2. 1 round thru calibration, and a successful cut. I consider that a victory.
  3. Note to self: dont forget to change the safety z height to something besides .5 inch :roll_eyes:
  4. My temp sled sucked. It was rough and the boards surrounding my sled wood was rough so it would drag on it and rotate the sled making the not perfect ring alignment more pronounced. (I think anyway)
  5. Overall impressed with the maslow!
  6. The cut on the final sled went real well. Some imperfection but great really. I think the sled caught the paver hold down on the last cut and broke it free making the bit dig into it.
  7. Thanks to everyone for contributing and for the very thorough instructions!


Fit everything to the new sled today but didn’t get to cut. After hanging it I noticed a screw in the floor, it was to the z axis coupler! The other screw was loose as well. Maybe thats why it messed up the paver hold down.


I was curious and wanted to do a quick test to see how it performed in the corners so I cut a 40” tall by 88” wide rectangle .1” deep. It did great, no wandering at all. 1/8” width difference between top and bottom so I think I’ll do a recalibrate with the new sled. I also need to move the center pulleys more midline, when in the top corners they ran out of string. Other than that it did awesome.

maybe you can see the rectangle in this pic.


Learning the ins and outs of cncing!