Getting re-started

Hi. I’m thinking about getting mine up and running again. It’s been a couple of years and I have a new (to me) old laptop that I was planning on running ground control on. I’m having trouble though figuring out where to start. It looks like there are a bunch of new git projects and the Maslow directions seem out of date and now there’s makermade too?. Is there a page that is the current default instructions or a list of what software currently works?

Hey there ScooterMcFly! I just went through the big upgrade process myself. You have a choice of either going with the new MakerVerse software and updating the firmware on your Arduino, OR going with WebControl and maybe still needing to update your firmware, maybe not.

I tried both but ended up settling on WebControl because the device I was running it on (RPi 3B) wasn’t quite powerful enough in the CPU department to run MakerVerse smoothly.

What hardware combination are you running?

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I have 2 old laptops as well from 2010ish. The windows one was very sluggish with webcontrol, the Linux one works great. If the option exists, I would convert one to the lighter weight operating system of Linux.

I’ve got a similarly aged laptop that wasn’t that great even when it was new probably running Debian. Sounds like web control is my best bet and I’m thinking I’ll follow the readme here:

And use these instructions for firmware on community garden:

Does that sound correct?

There is some information here as well:
webcontrol basics
maslow manual
setting up webcontrol on a linux pc will be very similar to setting it up on a raspberry pi without gpio menu option functionality. Most do not use this anyway.

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