How do I install web control? Need very basic description

I’ve used the Maslow with Ground Control, but find it’s too buggy. I’d like to try Web Control, but honestly can’t even understand how it is set up.

At first, I thought I’d download Web Control to my laptop like I did with Ground Control. However, the instructions and git hub seem to say it goes on a raspberry pi.

This page (Home - WebControl) says webcontrol ‘Connects to Maslow’s Arduino Mega (or similar) via USB’.
The page also says ’ * It can be run on a low-cost device, like a Raspberry Pi.’

So, I guess I buy a raspberry pi and put Web Control on it, and then hook the pi to the arduino via a usb cable. Then I log in to the pi through wifi?
Which pi should I get? 400? Pico? 4 Model B?

Sorry for all the questions. Any help is appreciated!

Webcontrol can run on an old PC as well. I run webcontrol on a raspberry pi 3b. Gcode is Uploaded from my design machine and Maslow is controled with my phone in the shop.

download burn to sd card for raspberry pi. enjoy!

I love this method, because now any device with a web browser can run the Maslow.

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