Kiri:moto frustrations

Since this is the first thing i try to get to g-code, maybe these are rookie mistakes. But my impression is that it is just really bugged.
When i import a model and select arrange, i can rotate and scale it as much as i want, but i can’t move it around. I was thinking i could arrange all the pieces on the board and it would just give me the code to put in groundcontrol to just cut everything at once.
When i try to make a new tool (which i assume is my router bit) and i try to type in a name, the shortcuts still work. So for instance i try to type an e in the name, and instrad of typing an e it opens up the device menu :-s

Over all it looks like it would be a real practical solution if i get it to work. I can start designing at home, continue when i have some down time at work, and just open up the file at home and start cutting.

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Let me know if you figure out how to make kiri:moto use something other than mm units. I haven’t fouind that secret yet.

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But i like mm units :slight_smile:


Oh, I like them too, but when I’m working with a file that someone created in inch units and open a k:m tab, I have to mentally change gears into mm mode. So an inch-based onShape file will have one tab in mm mode, the k:m one. An oportunity for mental arithmetic practice, I guess :grinning:

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you can move things on the platform, but I don’t remember the details, look for
youtube video tutorials.

To slide an object around in k:m, try (alt/option) right/left arrow (OSX/Safari keys, at any rate).


Thanks, that was it.

Another problem is that when i move some parts around, and i think there might be room for another, i import a new one, all the others move around.

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Most or all of the things you mentioned about Kiri:Moto have been upgraded, improved, or fixed in the last couple of years.