Ground Control bugs fixed?

I have read that a few of the latest updates have had issues. Have they been worked out? I would like to catch up on the latest version but I am a bit nervous. my problem lies in my lack of computer skills. Which is compounded by having to have Bee set my computer up with a Liniux bootstick to make it work. Does anyone have a step by painstakingly simple step for installing the latest versions of Ground Control and Arduino firmware so I don’t give my harddrive a stroke.

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I’m sorry @Explorer7263 but I am mostly in appreciation of your post and hoping to hear tips and tricks that I can glean from your efforts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’m also interested in what bootstick is and how much it could help me get set up.
I will say that (as far as I know) the latest version of update isn’t ready for Windows but the one before it, 1.25 is only lacking updated wording in calibration instructions.

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I get the below error with v1.26 GC, FW and arduino v1.8.9 on Windows 10. Would have been nice to know before taking the time to try it…back to 1.25.

Strange, the Graphic drivers are system files and not part of GC. Are you able to get GC 1.25 working?

Did you recently get a Windows update.

I went back to “holey fw update”, which is 1.25 plus Joshua’s updates, along with his GC (v1.25 plus his updates and I can’t get my motors to move. The only difference is I downloaded the latest Arduino fw 1.8.9. I’m going back to 1.8.8 to see if that helps.

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