Close to making it work, stuck on GC upgrade to 1.26

OS: Win 10
Firmware: Arduino 1.8.9
Ground Control: v1.24 (my problem is this won’t upgrade to 1.26 after I do it in Arduino, ten plus times)
temp frame 10’ top bar and temp sled
z motor working
Chain mounted on Triangular kit
The problem is I can’t find the perfect combination of everything upgraded and ready to function. I have on 1.24 got it to calibrate and to move but then it stopped due to the GC update.
I need GC and Arduino connected and communicating and it won’t. It seems so easy but I can’t get it to work.
So frustrating, please help, Thanks.

Just to clarify:
You want to run FW/GC 1.26 and have downloaded both, extracted the to new folders, uploaded the FW to the arduino and run the new GC?

Yes. I’m running the new Arduino 1.8.9. I’m still very new and trying hard to understand what I have learnt so far. I’m trying to get Arduino to run the GC 1.26. firmware so I can have the GC 1.26. i’m currently on v1.24.

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Firmware and GC (GroundControl) are 2 things, the FW 1.26 (after downloading and extracting) is uploaded to the MegaBoard with the Arduino software. The software will start with the last (older) version, so you need to locate the folder where you have the extraced FW and load the new one (file/open).
The arduino software is closed and then GC is started. GC should report matching FW/GC versions.

GC hs nothing to do with the Arduino IDE, you install GC completely indepdently.

the firmware gets compiled and installed by the Arduino IDE

David Lang

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Thanks, so for good measure I just dl the file and unzipped GroundControl-Windows.Portable.v1.26, now I need to run it using Arduino? I had someone help me from here before I’m stuck now

this guy Chris from makermade got me to do this but it didn’t work.

Hi David,
I’m currently running GC 1.24 and having trouble getting it to 1.2624%20pic

It something like file<open<cnc_ctrl_v1???

So i figured maybe i could just run the Launch Ground Control.bat file, and my GC says its running 1.26 but now when i open arduino and run the cnc_ctrl_v1.ino it come with this error instead of complete

this didn’t change though242%20pic

I get this when GC openswarning%20msg


got this working, do I need to close GC and run arduino again?

no, Ground Control has nothing to do with Arduino

David Lang

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ok then, GC has nothing to do with Arduino got it. I’m running a calibration now.

you have to have GC close when you want to run Arduino to compile and install
the firmware, then you need to shut down the Arduino IDE when you want to run
GC, only one of the programs can talk to the Arduino at a time.

David Lang

perfect I am doing that. Currently durring calibration I can’t get the motors to turn to adjust the sprockets to 90, so something is still wrong.

ok I figured that part out, I’m continuing the cali.

on chain tightening

posting so that you can continue (avoiding the 3-post-in-a-row limit)

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