Ground Control crash on startup

im running linux mint 19 cinnamon 3.8.9. followed directions to intall GroundControl on linux, open in terminal and it ends with this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 33, in
from UIElements.screenControls import ScreenControls
File “/home/deano/Downloads/GroundControl-master/UIElements/”, line 7, in
from UIElements.backgroundMenu import BackgroundMenu
File “/home/deano/Downloads/GroundControl-master/UIElements/”, line 8, in
from PIL import Image as PILImage
ImportError: No module named PIL

not sure where to go from here, pretty green at this stuff so any help would be very apprieciated!!

I think it wants the ‘pillow’ package installed. @Blsteinhauer88 went through this recently, here. Not sure what he found, it might have been something like:

python -m pip install pillow

I also put this in the requirements.txt file recently so you can always do pip install -r requirements_linux.txt to pick up any new dependencies


installed pillow package and it looks like GC is up and running. fingers crossed it will all go well when i hook it up to maslow…tomorrows job. thanks so much for the replies, you guys rock!
oh, should i also do pip install -r requirements_linux.txt ?
or if its not broke dont fix it?!?

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About half the time I ignore the “if it’s not broke” I regret it. YMMV :grin:

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