Ground Control won’t open

From version 1.17, I cannot get ground control to open. It closes after opening, before the GUI loads.

This is my tablet I’m using. I’m sorrry I cannot find where to log file is. The only one in ground control is a 0 file size.

I have been using 1.17 with the latest firmware. I also loaded both master files and it won’t load. What should I try next?

Do you mean every version after 1.17? Is this while running from the source version by any chance?

Yes, I read that it was a problem. Then I saw it was fixed. But each version for me won’t load after 1.17
Yes source version

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Got it! The issue is that after 1.17 the source version requires a new module to run called pillow running the command pip install pillow should fix things :grinning:


Thanks I will try that when I get home!


Ok pip install pillow is not working?

Never mind, I got it!