Linux Ground Control Issue?

Hey everyone, first time poster here but I’ve been a lurker fora little while. I’m looking into purchasing a Maslow just for hobby use, but before I made the dive in I wanted to play around and make sure that I could learn how to, at the very least, get started.
I’ve been playing around with inkscape -> maker cam for g-code and believe that I have that figured out decently.
Tonight I decided to go ahead with downloading and installing ground control, after many failed attempts and different variations in my install method I finally got it working (I think). I do have one issue that I wanted to check on though. I have an error in my terminal regarding MTDev…is this going to be an issue with anything?

Thank you!

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Welcome to the Forum @Drake_Lewis!
Give a

apt-get install libmtdev1

a try. If it does not crash Ground Control, I would not worry to much.

Kind regards, Gero

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Thank you Gero! I’ll give that a shot.