Ground Control Doesn't Recognize Mastercam Posts as NC Files

Hey all.

Any ideas why a mastercam post would not be recognized as .NC file? Ground Control lets me see the file. But when I attempt to load it, I get an error saying that it can open only open .NC, .txt, etc. I’ve got the machine successful running off posts from makercam. :man_shrugging:

What ending does the file have? Would you share the file for testing?

The file ends in .NC

It appears I’m too new a user to upload. I’ll try to link to my google drive.

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You have found a bug that .NC will not even show the file to me. Renaming it to .nc solves it. @bar will likely add the capital letters to the allowed list, so in the next version it should work.


If you want to try GitHub :wink: you can create a new issue under GroundControl.
The title would be something like: GroundControl does not load .NC (with capital letters)

Thanks Gero. Worked like a champ. I was hoping for something simple. :sunglasses:

I’ll get it on the issues list.



Welcome to the group. Sorry this bug got ya. Glad you caught it and it can be addressed.

Thank you

Should be an easy fix! Great catch on what the issue was @Gero!