Files will not open in ground control

i have installed and re installed ground control but whenever i try to open a file in ground control nothing happens.

Can you please define that a bit more?
What did you use to create the file?
What is the file ending (.nc)?
Can you post a sample file that makes nothing happen?

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i have used the sled file, and another file an existing user loaded on this board. i used makercam to generate the gcode and they are both .nc

when i hit show gcode the path is shown itemized line by line

sorry i am not well versed in this. trying to learn on the fly.

i need to get back to my home computer to get the file


Perhaps a screenshot can help, whenever you have time.

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What version of Ground Control are you in?

Thank you

this is what come up when i view gcode for the file and nothing appears on the main screen

version 1.18

Can you upload the .nc file here?
Did you scroll out to see if it shows up far away from the sheet?

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here is the file that i was using

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It shows nice in GC and looks good in camotics.


i dont know why it will not show up in mine. is there something i did not install with groundcontrol?

That’s strange. It’s not the file. Perhaps it’s worth to try and download and unzip GC again.
If you could upload the log.txt from the groudcontrol folder, there meight be a clue in there.
(tip: if GC has run several times the log.txt gets really big. It is safe to delete it with GC closed. It will be created again. This way opening the file and then closing GC will leave a small log.txt with hopefully some info)

the log.txt folder is empty

Have you tried Actions/ResetView?

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