Ground control unable to find .nc file

I just downloaded ground control version 1.26
Not able to find .nc files

Hmmm there is an option in setting to change which kinds of files GC will recognize. Is the file extension actually just lowercase .nc? I would absolutely expect that to show up. Maybe there is a hidden character in there or something and renaming the file could help?

I put your test logo on desktop and ground control cannot find it

Frank Arthurs

I still need help, I checked what you recommended

Frank Arthurs

Is there a contact number for someone to talk to? I am to the point of packing this back up and sending it back

Frank Arthurs

Never mind I got it

Frank Arthurs


This is an open source machine that is almost completely supported by the community. They are an AWESOME group of people with tons of knowledge to share. Most do this as a hobby in their spare time. If you have any issues, there is a lot of very helpful people here and they will be more than happy to help you with your issues. You just have to give them a little time.