Ground Control error "gcode line has caused a calculation error"

Greetings all.

I have been a long time lurker here and decided I want to become part of this amazing/helpful community. I would like to ask for advice regarding this ground control error: “Oops! This gcode line has caused a calculation error, it will be replaced by: G1…”. It only occurs when I cut circles. Any advice will be appreciated.


Welcome! As a new user you will not be able to upload a file right away.
I would like to look at a sample gocode to see what’s going on.
How did you create the gcode?

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Thank you. Here is a piece of the gcode:
N0010 G40 G17 G90 G71
N0020 G91 G28 Z0.0
N0030 T00 M06
N0040 G00 G90
N0050 G00 Z2. H00
N0060 G00 X4.7486 Y226.0497 S0 M03
N0070 G01 X4.8369 Y222.6226 F800. M08
N0080 X5.2552 Y215.4993
N0090 X5.3008 Y214.8757
N0100 X5.9377 Y208.0159
N0110 G03 X7.9507 Y193.6727 I236.1428 J25.8298
N0120 X11.9839 Y174.9642 I231.9659 J40.2178
N0130 X18.8482 Y153.1377 I228.9015 J59.9952
N0140 G01 X21.0151 Y147.5251
N0150 X21.5604 Y146.1701
N0160 X24.1721 Y140.0417
N0170 X27.1734 Y133.5598
N0180 G03 X39.6466 Y111.0059 I211.0691 J102.0039
N0190 G01 X43.4756 Y105.1192
N0200 X46.5118 Y100.7539
N0210 X47.1305 Y99.8625
N0220 G03 X58.3564 Y85.4341 I195.0521 J140.1776
N0230 X68.7506 Y73.9384 I185.7036 J157.4628
N0240 G01 X73.082 Y69.5731
N0250 X78.349 Y64.5841
N0260 G03 X91.5552 Y53.3591 I166.6735 J182.7083
N0270 X104.3368 Y44.0048 I150.896 J192.7743
N0280 G01 X105.2862 Y43.3812
N0290 X109.4967 Y40.5969
N0300 X110.0132 Y40.2631
N0310 X116.0959 Y36.5214
N0320 X116.357 Y36.366
N0330 X116.9806 Y36.0006
N0340 X122.6527 Y32.7797
N0350 X123.7803 Y32.1561
N0360 X129.4539 Y29.191
N0370 X130.7012 Y28.5557
N0380 X130.9851 Y28.4144
N0390 X137.5247 Y25.2963
N0400 G03 X152.535 Y19.0602 I102.8149 J226.2903
N0410 X189.9491 Y8.5899 I80.9643 J217.2325
N0420 G01 X195.562 Y7.6102
N0430 G03 X209.9062 Y5.7393 I35.4241 J215.6774
N0440 X216.1429 Y5.2152 I12.6136 J112.7172
N0450 X226.1214 Y4.7192 I13.4881 J170.7271
N0460 X228.8978 Y6.0533 I.0264 J3.5012
N0470 G01 X229.4629 Y6.7708
N0480 G03 X230.213 Y8.9361 I-2.7498 J2.1653
N0490 G01 Y9.8918
N0500 Y12.0408 F200.
N0510 G03 X229.9996 Y13.2444 I-3.5 J0.0
N0520 X231.2031 Y13.0309 I1.2036 J3.2866
N0530 G01 X233.5129
N0540 G03 X234.7165 Y13.2444 I0.0 J3.5
N0550 X234.503 Y12.0408 I3.2866 J-1.2036
N0560 G01 Y9.8917
N0570 Y8.9361 F800.
N0580 G03 X235.2532 Y6.7708 I3.5 J0.0
N0590 G01 X235.8542 Y6.0083
N0600 G03 X239.0977 Y4.7589 I2.7138 J2.2102
N0610 G01 X239.1404 Y4.7355
N0620 G03 X246.7023 Y5.0861 I-2.6419 J138.7159
N0630 X254.8099 Y5.7441 I-7.9101 J147.7258
N0640 X262.9175 Y6.6951 I-12.3644 J140.4576
N0650 X270.4014 Y7.8363 I-15.6094 J127.4711
N0660 X285.993 Y11.0435 I-30.6118 J188.3177
N0670 X300.9609 Y15.2174 I-42.322 J180.6957
N0680 X315.9287 Y20.5279 I-56.6394 J183.3903
N0690 X330.8966 Y27.0616 I-71.5239 J184.2631
N0700 X344.6172 Y34.232 I-81.1112 J171.9196
N0710 X358.3377 Y42.659 I-96.6417 J172.7304
N0720 X363.9507 Y46.5133 I-61.4268 J95.47
N0730 X370.1873 Y51.0875 I-75.4295 J109.3814
N0740 X377.0025 Y56.4771 I-92.8383 J124.3977
N0750 X382.6605 Y61.2924 I-76.526 J95.6518
N0760 X386.2583 Y64.4977 I-62.1469 J73.3789
N0770 G01 X387.0262 Y65.2171
N0780 G03 X397.7509 Y75.8092 I-152.1136 J164.7424
N0790 G01 X401.2178 Y79.5509
N0800 G03 X413.1545 Y93.8941 I-171.608 J154.954
N0810 X424.8924 Y110.7318 I-183.7696 J140.6211
N0820 X429.7872 Y118.8388 I-280.2637 J174.7

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Some of the line do not have a G in front. What program did you use?
The file seems to cut fine, as GroundControl just adds a G1 in front and lets you know.


That message has been toned down in the next release. :grin: It was put in because some CAM software creates curves using parameter values which cause calculation precision errors in the firmware. Generally these are short, very shallow arcs, so the firmware cuts a straight line to the endpoint instead of the arc. Without this ‘fix’, users would sometimes find the cut line quite different from the intended line because of those precision errors. The message alerts the operator that this substitution has occurred.

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I use Siemens NX 12. The part did cut, but it pauses a few milliseconds each time the error is displayed. It results is a non smooth surface. I will look into different post of Siemens NX. Thanks I believe you directed me on the right path.

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OK that makes sense. Thank you.