Ground Control errors during cut process

How did you move to the goto gcode line? mine won’t move just makes pulsing whines until I push stop.

Stop kills the whole process. I’d try to start the cut from the beginning and almost immediately hit pause. Do it with the router off. You may need to hold the sled up a little so the bit doesn’t drag. Then enter like 20 lines of g-code before you need it to see if it goes where you want. Only use stop if you really want to be done otherwise pause is much more friendly.


I see. This sounds better. I was, however, about 2 & a half hours into a 5 hour cut.

I little tip :wink: It’s ‘good practice’ to open a new topic if your question is not related to the title of the post.
This is called hijacking a post.
The benefits you get to open a new topic with a title that explains what you are looking for are:

  • you will get more and faster response and help (not everyone looks at a post that was last active Jun 11)
  • for others with the same question it is more easy to find the answer with the search function

So it was bad advice when someone encouraged me to use the search function and I found this specifically because I believed I was experiencing ground control errors.
Basically, it’s probably good if I read for my answer and don’t ask questions to solve my problem. I should probably only help them with their problem if I have an idea and start a new topic if I still have a problem. Do you think this would be proper? This way I wouldn’t interrupt.:speak_no_evil:

Don’t take it in a bad way. It was not intended that way.
The problems you see are better off in a new post then in one that is 2 months old and was seen with a different Firmware and GroundControl. Older bugs do sometimes sneak back into current updates, but that is rare.
The goto buttons are not related to the error of this post that was created by small and large arcs.

Using the search in the forum and also on giggle is a good advice. A lot can be found and solved this way. I was giving you a tip that you get better and faster help if you create a topic for your setup/machine/issue and address the community rather than a single user that might or might not been here for 2 months. No hard feelings…


I appreciate your clarification but I didn’t take it in a bad way. I sure am glad to have tips! Also I know my directness is often misinterpreted as sarcasm.:smiley: that’s why I like emojis. A fair attempt at thwarting such confusion. No hard feelings at all.