Ground control navagation instructions

Is there a concise tutorial or instruction sheet on how to navigate in ground control ?
I see a lot of troubleshooting, but no concise tutorials or instructions on how to use the interface and move your project around on the sheet of wood. Send me to the knowledge-base link please?
Thank you

to move your project to a new place, move the sled to where you want home to be
and hit the ‘set home’ button.

I don’t know if there is a full instruction manual for Ground Control or Web
Control, it would be good to get one.

David Lang

1 move the sled to a new place, for example by pressing the left arrow in the UI and entering in the inch measurement in the dialog box?
2 then press set home button to move the crosshairs to the new cut position?

Roger Raymond

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That sounds correct to me!

Ok Thanks, I now understand that part better.

How does the Go To part work?
Where you enter gcode number to move to a line in the existing code?
Where do you find the number of the gcode line?
How do you identify lines in the code for natural logical pauses?

I have included a couple of fotos of my progress. this is my ski holder gismo to fit in a Astro Van
Let me know if you want a copy of the Inkscape SVG


That looks fantastic!! Nice work!

The GoTo button should really be a last resort. Gcode isn’t designed to allow starting anywhere since the first few lines of the program specify things like is the file in inches or mm and how fast to cut. Jumping into a file in the middle can have unpredictable results. I would ignore that feature unless you absolutely need it :grin: