How to use Ground Control

Can someone teach me how to use this software? I was able to use TinkerCAD to convert a JPG to SVG. Then I had to use some other online converter to convert SVG to GCode. Luckily I am able to upload the file onto Ground Control now. But I am unable to edit the picture or move it. It seems off center. Why is Ground Control so hard to use? Can someone provide me an instructions manual? I am not a computer person so this is all new to me.

Right click and set home to move the origin, which moves placement of the cut on your workpiece. If you need to edit it, do that in the svg and regenerate the gcode. Ground control is a “sending” interface for the maslow. It reads and transmits numeric coordinates (gcode) to the Arduino controller.

Right clicking doesn’t do anything. No window or options appear. I can only move around the whole work area when I right click.

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The issue you are running into is that in your CAM to convert to gcode you
probably put the origin (0.0) in the bottom left corner, on the maslow, 0,0 is
the center of the workpiece.

David Lang