Ground control not letting me do anything

Ground control keeps crashing 45 secs after launching. Help please.

Send me a private message with your email and I will send you a version which pauses before closing so we can read the error message.

Checking out Web Control might also be a good option to explore.

Here you go

I got the ground control going not the machine is stuck cutting in one area over and over. for example im trying to cut out the letter P so the machine cuts the center piece then when is time to cut the rest of the P it goes back to cut the same part it just finished cutting. Any idea how to fix this?

That is usually an issue with the gcode file. Can you post a copy of the gcode?

I worked him through it on the other post and then through email (he had reached his post limit for a new user). Was the DoC setting that needed to be updated…

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