Ground Control Won't Execute Cut

I am a fairly new user, but have made about 5 successful cuts. I loaded a new file into GC, make a few adjustments, click play and nothing happens. I have restarted GC several times, re-saved the code out Makercam, GC is connected, all the motors are working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does GC render the gcode?
Is it paused from a previous cut?

Whenever I have a problem with gcode I use the following site to check it.

Just copy and paste your gcode into the text box on left replacing existing text. You can then use the buttons in main area to step through and it will highlight the current gcode on the left.

Thanks for your response. It’s definitely not paused since I have restarted GC several times. I can view the code via Actions and then View Code button, if that’s what you’re asking. I will check out the code viewer.

Also since I posted my initial message, I opened a file I just successfully cut, so I know the code is good, and it wouldn’t execute that one either.

Its probably something in the gcode then. There could be a tool change operation, some unsupported gcode, or syntax format error.

Check it in the ncviewer to see. If it comes up and works then upload the gcode here (if you are fine with sharing it).

I checked the code in the nc viewer and it looked good, that’s a really useful tool! I went back to GC and went through my steps again and found that once I clicked play to start the first cut it would automatically go to pause and not start. Once I clicked ‘resume cut’ it would execute the cut. However it would still pause between cuts and I would have to click resume cut again. I’m not sure why its doing this, I didn’t experience this before? Long story short, I made my cut. My bad for assuming that that was the way that button appeared once you clicked play! Thank you for your help, I really like the nc viewer and will continue to use it.

every time my maslow has done this, there is a tool change operation where it is pausing.


Yep sound like a tool change which I believe is ‘M6’ in gcode. So did you generate the gcode or did you download it? If you downloaded I recommend you check the source to see if they specify different bits as the parts will not cut correctly with the wrong bit.