Ground Control Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I am trying to install GC on a pi 3b+ With the pi foundation touch screen.

Using the latest version of stretch is giving a segmentation fault. But the wiki page does not explain how to downgrade sdl2 - or to what version.

If I turn on OpenGL - I get a different error.

Please advise - I am new to Linux so paths to log files will help me help you :wink:

Any ideas?

NOT AN ANSWER :slight_smile:

When you say that you turned on OpenGL - do you mean you enabled the driver using raspi-config?

EDIT: I don’t know if this will help your situation, but I eventually gave up on using GC on the pi. (And on my laptop, for that matter. :confused: ) The instructions to install the Webcontrol docker to a standard Raspbian install are fairly complete, and it was the way that I finally got my unit working.

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Yes - I mean i enabled the driver in raspi-config - thank you for the clarification.

Specifically OpenGL with “fake” KMS - “full” KMS results in a black screen on the touch display but still able to ssh and use raspi-config.

What is Webcontrol Docker? does that mean i don’t need GC? Please enlighten the uninitiated…

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There’s a prebuilt Raspberry Pi image linked to this page, but I just installed docker and the relevant images listed in the instructions.

It has the added benefit that I can keep a tablet in hand to position the sled or hit the stop button when I screw something up. :smiley:

webcontrol is a browser based version of ground control, there is a premade pi
image that manages webcontrol as a docker image (a very nicely done packaging

look for the webcontrol topic

David Lang


I have been banging my head against this for 3 days - only to find out there is Octoprint for CNC - YAY thanks so much…

Can we edit the “GC on Raspberry Pi” wiki page ( to direct people to this - because the instructions no longer work?

Thanks @dlang @madgrizzle


Yes. Yes you can. Please do. :smiley:

My experience with Octoprint for CNC was it was laggy and unpredictable. These are not good qualities when a heave weight is swinging around with spinning blade.

Why not use the Docker solution above?

Thank you

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octoprint for CNC will also need tweaking to let you do things like set the
sprockets to 12 o’clock, reset chain lengths, etc.

David Lang

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I have just installed the pre-made docker image linked above and now have a method to control my machine using my phone. Great!

In my readings about WebControl someone used the term “like octoprint for cnc” so I did too.

So far so good. Thanks for the info.


I’m wondering how difficult it would be to set up a distributable docker image that can run GC.

(The challenge is that I’m just a damn PM with ideas above my station. :sweat_smile:)