Position 0,0 question about home position?

Good Morning, is there any way to change the home or position 0,0 in ground ground control? Or, when importing gcode and trying to orient pieces in gc, what would the bottom left hand corner be in gcode?

I’m going from easel to ground control and I’m trying to correct for some wonkiness.

You can move the sled with the arrow keys to where you want to start and use the "define home’ button.


One of the best kept secrets in Ground Control is the “point and hold” feature… simply point to where you want the sled to go with your curser, and hold the left mouse button. Magically a little circle will appear on the screen under the pointer with several choices, including “set home”, or something like that (sorry, I am not near my machine right now). In Easel it is so easy to set all the files up starting from the lower left corner. When you convert to G Code using Easel, and then open the files in GC, they will land wherever home is set. I am pretty paranoid about leaving my machine with the Home always at center. So, I let the cut file open at center, and then, depending on the size of the workpiece, just point and hold at a proposed starting point, and click the “set home”. When you point and hold, there will be x & y position indicators (in mm) relative to where home is set. Knowing that 300mm is pretty close to 12”, if you are pointing at the bottom of a 4’ high plywood workpiece at the center, with the home at the dead center on the board, the reading will be x = 0, y = -600mm. If you want to start your cut 2 feet down and 2 feet to the left, point and hold the curser until you get to x = -600, y = -600, then select “set home” and you are good to go.

Hope this makes sense.


Nice easter egg there, wow!