Ground Control with Easel, Home Question

So, new to the Maslow, and new to Ground Control but not to Easel or CNC. I’ve been working with an X-Carve for about 4 years now.

Presently for the Maslow I’m generating G-Code using Easel. Problem I’m having is Easel naturally assumes that your machine’s home position is the lower left hand corner of the your work piece. Ground Control, when setup using the how-to documentation for the Maslow, sets the home position to the center of the work piece. This means if you try to cut without any adjustments unless you’re cutting things that are 2 by 4 you’re going to have some serious problems.

What is the best way to fix this problem? Again I’m new to GC so I’m a little hesitant to just start trying and praying without some advice. Does the home area need to be redefined to the lower left in GC? If so is there a good how to using the Maslow on doing this?

Is there an adjustment to the gcode that needs to be done when using Easel in this way? Is there some way to fake Easel out so that it understands home is in the middle of the work area?

I’m sure this is a total newbie question, but I’m having a lot of problems navigating the Maslow documentation on stuff like this so any assistance is appreciated.

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I would expect that Easel has the ability to define where 0,0 is.

David Lang

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If there’s a way to change 0,0 location on Easel I’m unaware of it. There was an older trick where you could move the design off the work area, centered around Easel’s 0,0 but is that the best solution here?

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You can set the (0,0) position in Ground Control by manually jogging the sled to the desired origin, and pressing “Define Home”.


I feel dumb, but yeah that was it. Part of the problem running GC through VNC on my phone was it looked like while I’d moved the machine to the lower left, and adjusted the home position that the design had remained where it was when I initially loaded the G-Code.

Once I hooked the mini-PC to a monitor I was able to see that hitting ‘Define Home’ also moved the design down.


Also in Easel, you can grab your design by “selecting all” and dragging it down and left so that the center of your design is on the 0,0 of the Easel grid. It will work that way too. :+1: