Growth ruler help

I am trying to use on shape to create this file. I am not getting anywhere. The idea is a 10 inch wide board at 6 ft long. The starting point would be 6 inches and end at 6ft 6 inches. The 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11 inch marker would be short. The 3,9 inch marker would be longer. The 6,12 inch marker would be the longest. This would go for every foot. Every foot would be labeled with its corresponding number. It should be an easy draw one foot and duplicate the rest. I may try and do it on sketch up unless you have suggestions. This also would be a great file to add to the first 10. (All the wives would love this project.)


I think a simple 2d cad program would do this easily. I use Visio a lot and could actually make the svg for you in a matter of minutes if you like. If so, let me know what font you want the letters in :slight_smile:


A formal type font that would be easy for the standard bit to cut.

Take a look at this file. I think it reflects what you were trying to do. I put some toolpaths in to make sure it looked right, but didn’t do a profile around the whole thing.


That’s exactly what I’m trying to do.


Did you make that our did you find it? What is a good program to use on android?

I made that using visio… its a microsoft product (expensive as well) that I often use for work. Its great for making diagrams to include in reports.

Here is my first attempt at cad. I had some issues trying to copy and paste the line. It’s a dwg file

I have tried all the cad programs out there. I went back to sketchup and was easy to get this finished. I have the svg file and the original sketchup file. Where can I upload for you guys to look over it and get it ready to cut? We can add it to the 10 free files list.


can you .zip them and attach them to a post?

Here is the Sketchup file. (208.8 KB)

Here is the SVG File. (39.6 KB)

Here is the Growth Chart Ruler sketchup file without numbers. (193.9 KB)

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