I made a growth ruler

Hurray I got something cut and learned a little about cambam.

I wouldn’t use the file I made as the engraving for the numbers was painfully slow for some reason.

Not sanded just busted the tabs off. 6ft on the button.


That looks great. Can you upload the gcode?

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I will when I next get out to the garage, there is room for improvement around numbers and I didn’t really leave enough for the tabs.

growthchart inches cam bam 2.nc (51.3 KB)

I can’t find the other part I wanted to put up that cambam uses like a project file.

edit here it is:growthchart inches.cb (95.7 KB)

Woah! I didn’t realize how big it was until I got to the last photo and saw it leaning up against the work bench…in my head I was still picturing regular ruler size :grinning:

Very cool!!

The numbers might have been slow because some programs generate a TON of lines of gcode for complex curves and we process them kinda slowly right now, making that go faster is on my todo list coming up soon


Thanks! I think it was something I did configuring the file it made the z axis work overtime in the numbering but it still worked out. Newb mistakes lol

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wanted to try canbam but its windows only.

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