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Halloween project help

Hey guys! So my wife tasked me to create a Halloween costume prop for the kiddos. They are going as Maverick and Goose from Top Gun. My wife wants to convert our double seater red wagon into a F14 fighter jet. I’m thinking it would be fairly easy to use the Maslow to cut the wings and such. However I am very new to the design and Maslow it’s self. Would anyone we willing to help a newbie design something that I could cutout with my Maslow? I was thinking about gluing cardboard together to cut down on weight so the wagon would hold it up easily. I’ve attached some pictures so you all can see what we’re taking about.





I can sketch something fast but need dimensions on cart outer dimensions on finished aircraft and other design features

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That’s awesome thanks so much! Here is what I measured out this morning with some dimensions of what I think might work. Minus some kind of tail wing. I don’t really know where to start with that. If you can’t read part or it doesn’t make sense let me know. It’s pretty seintific so you probably won’t have a problem but just in case… Ha!

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Here is the first sketch. feedback on changes? unsure how to make the front and the engines.


Have a road cone on the front :grinning:

Wow, that looks great! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. We aren’t exactly sure how to do the front either, other than just a triangle/nose piece with a handle cutout…(see picture and sketch). Based on my rough measurements, I think the cutout needs to be 9 inches from the base of the triangle piece, with a total nose length of 20 inches. Then side panels that attach to the triangle nose piece (see picture).

As for the rest of it, it looks great. We just wondered if you could make the dimensions allow for overlap around the sides of the wagon when assembled so we could literally build it and then set in on top of the wagon like a shell. Does that make sense? Thanks again!


Then we have something you can try on maslow?

what should I export to?


That looks amazing! Great job! Thank you!! I believe I can convert a DXF into an svg in inkscape using a method Bar recommended then use makercam to make the gcode. So I think DXF would be the best

Thanks again that saved me hours upon hours!

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Here are the files.
Top (29.9 KB)

I use SolidWorks quickly and easily to learn would strongly recommend it, the problem is that it is expensive.
Just fun to contribute I have boys 3 and 5 years myself. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished cart!


Hey everyone! I wanted to show everyone how the project turned out. Here are some pictures from the build as well as the final project! Thanks again to Jakrro for the help with the design!!


Very well done. The end result goes beyond my expectations. :smile: Love the flames and paintjob


wow, this is beautifull. Way to take some example pictures and turn it to 11

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Yeah guys, you really knocked it out of the park. Great work!

that is absolutely incredible!! Way to go!! Now I feel like a very, very sub-par dad. :wink:

@GMS10 and Jakrro, would you guys be ok with me posting about this in our email newsletter tomorrow? I love the story of how you guys worked together to make something totally fantastic and I would love to share it

Thanks everyone! @bar that’s ok with me! I seriously couldn’t have done it with Jakrros help!.. Well maybe I could have but it would have taken me until next Halloween!

That’s my favorite part is that you guys worked together on it! If that’s not the whole point of being able to share designs digitally I don’t know what is :grinning:

Thanks guys!

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Way too cute… just saw this on the newsletter… very good job, and my thanks to @Jakrro for pitching in and helping…

What a great community :slight_smile:

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@Jakrro would it be OK if I put this project in the community garden? It’s way to cool to disappear into the past. Are there any other files you would want to see up there?


Hello. yes you can use the project in the community garden. Just let me know if there are other file types or other things you need.
I have not managed to complete my maslow building even though I have the need for it. Have more projects to the community garden when I get time to complete.
Continue the amazing work Bar