Jwolter's First Maslow 4 Project - Remove Before Flight Tag

I’ve spent much more time on these forums than I have playing with my M4, so I decided to get going with a fairly simple project that I would demonstrate through cuts and pockets. Then I spent a few weeks with multiple coats of spray paint for the background color and then multiple coats of acrylic paint for the letters. This combination worked really well, because any stray acrylic paint cleaned up with a wet scrub sponge. I’m planning to seal it with some polyurethane.

Workflow: Designed it in Inkscape; used MakerCAM to render the gcode. I went deeper than I should have with the pockets which made it harder to paint the letters, but no big deal. It ended up about 16" long (400 mm) to make the letters wide enough to be cut with a 1/8" bit. I will definitely know when my button pusher is installed!

SVG file:


Practical and cool!

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