Handicap or Special needs collaboration

I am looking to do a collab to benefit people with a handicap or Special needs. We are finishing up the safari table and animal chairs collaboration, and I am interested in doing more. A little back story, my daughter was born with a genetic abnormality that led to poor muscle development. The equipment that she needed would have cost thousands of dollars. I scaled the images I found and built a lot of different equipment from these images. My daughter was able to walk by the age of three instead of five. I donated the equipment to another family. I have seen crutches made in this format, but I would like to eventually design all the equipment that might be needed. This could be useful for needy families or to create a rehab facility in an undeveloped area. I know that @bar and @hannah would both love to see this idea grow into reality. Please join to help in any way that you can. You can help by calculating sizes, sketching the equipment, cutting the models out, or providing research on what to build.


Yes!!! I love this idea so much. Let me know any way we can help. I’m happy to cut test parts, cover material costs…etc. Anything we can do.

I also have a plan in the works for an open source file hosting site dedicated to encouraging collaboration which I am going to start working on as soon as we get things shipped. Seeing you guys collaborate on the table and chairs has been an inspiration.

I think the place to start is to lay out what equipment we need to design. It seemed like having the pictures of the animals for the table and chairs was a great starting point.