Hello from Abilene Texas

I’m new to the Forum and Maslow. I run across Maslow while searching for routers…and watched the U tube video. My brother does High Voltage Laser Art on mirrors, glass, wood, cups, etc (he has a Facebook page for it). I know nothing about CAD or any of that fancy computer open source stuff. I know computers tho…lol.
I’m handicapped due to Health issues…since September 2018. Now I’m just looking to find something to do with my hands. I just can’t stand or walk much…but that isn’t stopping my hands or my brain from going into overdrive! :slight_smile:
I have 90 days to decide if I want to buy the Maslow kit, and if I do, my brother will build the frame for me…then I can do this in a spare room in the house here…easy access for me!
I’m hoping I can find plans that I think I can do and would sell here in the Market Place and online Local Auctions.
If anyone needs more info, check out my profile and feel free to contact me. I can also be found on Facebook (Don Johnson) …there are several with the same name, but my profile pic has a bunch of ‘Cross Necklaces’ (made out of horseshoe nails) on it.
Before I got kicked to the curb due to Health, I was a Pilot Car Escort for Oversize Dimension Super Loads for 10 years (I owned my own business). I was primarily a rear Steerman for windmill blades…from 140 feet to over 200 feet long…and I’ve also moved Oil/Gas rigs in the oil field when Wind components weren’t moving.


Welcome Don,

Folks are very helpful around here so feel free to hang out and ask all the questions you like.

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Welcome to the forum
The Nice thing about the Maslow, is it’s size is Scalable.
You Don’t have to build it to be 4 foot by 8 foot.
And since it is almost vertical, a person with a height challenge should be able to manage
a smaller sheet size.