Is there a proper way to shut down?

Greetings. I did try to search for an answer to this topic, but didn’t see something obvious.

I just barely got through calibrating (yay!) and need to call it a night. Perhaps the answer will be obvious when I use the machine some more.

It appears to me that there is no way for the Maslow CNC machine to know where its position is unless it has been on since it was homed – and by homed, I mean when you go into the calibration steps, hook on the chain, and it lets it out to a specific length and then instructs you to attach it to your sled. I can see that after that has happened, the arduino could remember the position.

Does this mean I shouldn’t turn the arduino off? Or, if I do, I’ll need to be prepared to unhook the chains, etc, to home the unit again?

Also, is there anything I should do when unhooking my computer? Do I need to tell Ground Control to disconnect? (Is there even a way to do that?)


The Arduino stores the current position in non-volatile memory every few seconds. So, you can power it off and it will remember where it was when you power it on again.

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Oh! That’s a relief.

Thank you, Ame.

Specifically it stores the position two seconds after the motors stop moving so as long as you wait two seconds before pulling the power everything is safe :grinning: