Has anyone tried cutting Sintra?

Has anyone tried cutting Sintra (PVC Board) with a Maslow. I’m interested to see how it would do for cutting out pieces for different costumes.

I have not but I just googled some other forums and the consensus is that a single flute upcut bit will work wonderfully in sintra with a rpm around 18k.

Mark Shelton


@Onifli will be excited to hear this. he cut out his mandalorian costume last year by hand.

I have too but I’m realizing how awesome it would be if i could set up a 4x8 sheet and space it out. There ends up being so much waste hand cutting. I could do a lot more alternative designs that way.


The ability to lay out pepakura on a 4x8 sheet of plywood is mind-boggling (I made an entire Iron Man Mk IV from craft foam). I’m a bit concerned that an upcut bit will lift the Sintra off the backing without a vacuum table. Also, feed rate will need to be pretty fast to avoid melting and gumming up the bit.

Sintra cuts perfectly. I’ve cut it with 1/8 and 1/4 bits at 23000 rpm and 25-30in pm. Plunge rate at about half bit depth per pass. It cuts really clean. The key to avoiding melt is to not plunge too deep per pass.


Sintra is a dream to work with. I’ve not cut any on Maslow, but I’ve spent some quality time on both a Zund and an Esko table and I have to say it’s probably my favorite material for routing. Least favorite is probably paper-faced foamcore. shudder

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In my unreturned previous life, we cut a lot of different materials via CNC… Sintra was a real favorite. 1 mm and 3 mm could be cut with a blade, but the router did a beautiful cut. We would mount plastic based photos on 3mm, 6mm and 12mm black stock, and they looked really terrific on the wall, even better with float mounts. Paper faced materials like foam core could really not be routed… we had a reciprocating blade head for our machine that did a fine job. Foam core is really a throw away, use it once material, as it is pretty fragile. It would make a great sacrifice sheet for our work.