Has anyone tried/had success with bigger motor sprockets

Has anyone tried/had success with bigger motor sprockets? I’m thinking about trying 11 thru 15 tooth sprockets to increase feed and see how well it works.

I asked about that a couple years ago. The result was determining that the speed limiter is the downward movement from gravity and friction limits your speed because there is no way to accelerate falling without having a motor to pull down.

A bigger sprocket will cause a loss of fine detail resolution in theory and it should get worse the larger the sprocket. Additionally, the motor torque requirement to move the sled will increase with sprocket diameter.

Having ridden a bike for most of my life, I thought it would be interesting to put a 10 speed cassette on the motors, but decided against it.

Do share what you find because i never actually tried it, just thought about it.

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the biggest limit is the power of the motors, partly by design, mostly by
accident, the maslow ended up engineered to be running very close to the limits
of the hardware, both in power and speed.

if you want to go with faster motors, you should probably look into moving to
24v motors (more power and speed), which may let you go with larger sprockets.

I don’t expect that the loss of resolution would be significant, currently there
are over 8000 steps per 2.5" (and since worst-case sled movement is ~2x step,
this is a resolution of ~5/10,000 of an inch, where we only aspire to ~1/64 of
an inch)

the area you would have the most trouble with power is the top center, if it can
cut full speed there, you have enough power.

the bottom corners are where you are limited by angles and gravity, going to a
12’ top beam helps a lot there.

David Lang