Speed up when "pulling"?

Not sure where this goes, or even if this is the correct forum… I don’t have the know-how to make it happen, but maybe someone here does - or even if it’s possible…

I’ve been wondering if it would be possible to increase the speed of travel while the motors are pulling. Perhaps even while one stationary and the other is pulling. Basically having it run at two speeds, depending on if the sled is rising or falling… Seems like you’d be able to speed up cut times drastically, if such a thing were possible.

Just an idea… shrug

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since you want to have the RPM match the feed rate, you really don’t want to
have a CNC speeding up and slowing down as it moves.

you could speed up somewhat, but the theoretical max speed to move is limtied to
about 48 ipm based on the motors soeed.

it’s possible, but it would add a lot of complexity and I’m not sure how much
benefit without more powerful/faster motors.

David Lang

would be easier to use bigger sprockets like 13T or 15T to speed up the travel 30 or 50% respectively, no one has tried this and it might make for less accurate cuts.

larger sprockets may cause you to run out of power along the top, especially the
top center.

David Lang

You could absolutely move at different speeds at different places. The trick would be that we need to compute which speeds are acceptable in which directions at which locations for each persons setup