Sprocket requirements and sources

I am self-assembling my “kit” of required components to join the Maslow world.

I’ve been fretting over finding the correct drive & idler Sprockets when I just realized that maybe there is more tolerance that I think.

For the Drive, I’ve been aiming for a #25, 1/4" pitch, 10-tooth, with Finished Bore of 8mm to match the Motor Shaft. But…

** I suspect that the calibration process will accommodate variation in Drive Sprocket Diameter (& Tooth count) ; Can anyone verify?

** If I do go up to a 12T Drive, will the motors still produce sufficient torque?
** If I do go up to a 12T Drive, will the accuracy reduction be significant?

** I know that the Idler sprocket diameters are irrelevant, but have seen some that look like they are actually suspended inside a top Unistrut ; Is planning for this possibility realistic or a concern?

** Is there a minimum tooth-count that is needed to guarantee smooth chain rolling without pickup?

** I’ve still not come across a datasheet for the motors; Can anyone report the shaft dimensions on them?

In Canada, it looks like Acklands-Grainger (who are normally very expensive) might actually be the cheapest/fastest source I’ve found… although they don’t have the #25 in a 10T :frowning:

10 teeth is standard $3 on eBay from China.
You really don’t want bigger stickers that would drive it faster. Maslow works best slowly


Thanks @aluminumwelder . I appreciate the experienced info!

I will stick with the 10T drive based on your warning (Good thing I didn’t go by memory - I was thinking 20T was standard!) … Still looking for another source cause the ebay example you listed takes up to 2 months to ship to me :frowning:

above link is for the usa supplier. $30 for two by the time you pay shipping most likely.
the motor brackets, jst cables, motors, roller chain, electronics, almost the whole machine is made in china. might as well order it all at once on aliexpress and work on making the wood stand IMHO. not wroth paying 10x the price to get it a few weeks earlier. not sure how fast mail moves in china, but in usa, a lot of the chinese suppliers can get to me in 2 weeks.

Good point. I’m looking at it the same way.

I’m currently trying to order everything I can think of so that it arrives in less than 3-weeks.
Hopefully, I’ll have the frame and sled built by then and won’t be held up waiting for anything when the Motors & Such arrives…

Although it currently looks like most of my stuff might arrive in under 2 weeks - so I better get building!

Here’s hoping I can get the sprockets quickly too!
(I’d pay way more than $30 to avoid having a finished Maslow sitting for 2 weeks waiting for a pair of drive sprockets!)

understood, but you know murphy’s law right? the one widget you need , is the one you forgot to order. there are so many pieces to the maslow puzzle it will be easy for a beginner to miss one. so it will be come a game of hurry up and then wait.

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LOL - Right you are!