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Has anyone tried Qcad/ CAM


I just saw there is a version of Qcad that includes CAM. Has anyone tried the gcode output from Qcad/Cam?

Thank you


I have used it for converting .dxf files to .svg files. I think I tried to use the CAM function once and found it to be not very easy to use but functional


I actually paid for full version and was highly disappointed. No holding tabs or dog bones and for the manual you need to pay extra. It was not expensive, but not worth anything for me.


Uh… What?


They offer packages software only and software with docu (a litte extra $).
If you missed the offer and went for software only, you can buy the docu later.
The online docu is structured in a way to tell you what you can do, but not how. This is for a business reason. YouBozze and read tutorials are rare and/or outdated. This might be related to a business model not compatible with some.


Wow. That’s completely backwards from the “norm” which is: all manuals/training is free (in hopes that you’ll learn it and then be more likely to buy instead of learning something else)

It’s an interesting model for sure!


I’ve used QCAD for years and it works well for me. Will be trying it’s Gcode with the Maslow soon… @Gero, don’t know what version you tried but it now does have tabs and they are easy to use. Don’t know what dog-bones are so I don’t know if it supports that. However Andrew Mustan the developer is very approachable and could be persuaded to add the feature if need be…


What you buy is a book, that gives you as very solid introduction to CAD work. QCAD it’s self has the normal help feature and there are hundreds of how to’s available just a Google away.


Here a link to a basic tutorial for QCAD Cad/Cam it does assume you already know QCAD


Two other links that may be of interest:


The win$ and Mac versions might be better. I paid for the linux version and missed the bundle with the handbook. Low number of youbooze videos to study and buying a software and asked to pay for the ‘how to’ extra was just to much for me.
I’m happy if it works for others, I went the free freecad route and have not regretted it.
I still use qcad once in a while if I need to fix not connected poly lines from a dirty dxf.


I use the Linux version on Ubuntu… The “manual” as I’ve mentioned elsewhere is not a manual as such. It a book that give a full introduction to CAD programming although it’s of caused based around QCAD. I bought it when I first started with CAD and it was worth every cent. Spent a weekend with it going through every exercise and it gave me a very solid foundation in basic CAD principles. It’s only CAD though, not about the CAM aspects.


Thank you @sailorxyz! That is information that I did not have turning half my back on qcad.
Still forced by Murphy’s laws to avoid yearly subscriptions, but it’s a valuable to know.