Suggestions for easiest open source CAD and CAM software

I was reading a post earlier and someone gave me a super rich (full of resources and suggestions) reply, but I seem to have lost it.

Anyways, I want to convert pdf to DXF. But now we need to work with SVG files on the maslow. In the past, I would use to do this with a fair bit of success as also could use Inkscape to get my dxf files.

Can anyone suggest a good CAD/CAM software? I want to cut these pieces out.

10 footer_Profile.pdf (1.6 MB)

I use Carbide Create for just about everything.


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I’ll check it out. Thank you!

I checked it out. It’s super robust. Thank you! Question, I was excited to be able to edit so easily, I didn’t see all the parts of my file. I usually use cloud convert and Inkscape. Any suggestions for converting PDFs or jpegs to a file carbide cam recognizes. I think my techniques need refreshing

I’ve been trying estlcam and it seems to load lots of different file formats (including straight image files) and generates a path out of them pretty easily - good instructions in English and German that are understandable.
There’s a licence fee of ~$60, but you can still use the software without it - it just nags you a little.
PS. I am going to pay the licence fee, once the developer swaps from using paypal to stripe - paypal (and ebay) haven’t updated their country lists since 1997, so where I live doesn’t exist …

Thank you! I’m going to download it. It seems intuitive enough. I’ll report back what I find. Again thank you and good luck getting your country to be recognized!

Well I’ve tried several times - they (ebay & paypal) still recognise the Netherlands Antilles which hasn’t existed since 10 October 2010 - so I’m not holding out any hope …

Considering their carelessness with this data - just imagine what their doing with your personal info …

I’ve been using FreeCAD for both CAD and CAM. I don’t have anything else to compare it to because it is the only CAD/CAM software I’ve ever used. It seems a little clunky, and the current stable release is a bit buggy, but it’s free (libre), so I can’t complain.

It can import SVGs and DXFs (along with many other file formats). For 2D formats, you then have to fix any issues with the geometries (combine line segments into a compound shape, for example), and then extrude into solids. Then you can use the “Path Workbench” setting up your cuts.

I haven’t tried any software to convert raster graphics (such as jpeg) to svg. That problem is non-trivial, and I doubt the output from any such software would make paths suitable for use with CAD/CAM software. Importing images into Inkscape or FreeCAD, then manually “tracing” paths may be the best bet.

Thank you! I will check that out!

How are you using Carbide Create with the Maslow? I’m not ever able to set the stock to 4x8. I wish I could tho, because it’s an awesome program, and super easy to learn and work with.