Has anyone used DXFplans.com?

Has anyone ever used this site? you seem to have to buy points to download the plans, but this chair is 100 points, which comes down to $0.6, which doesn’t seem too bad. They just don’t really look trustworthy if you look at the site makeup.

Hmmm… looks spamy.

And the comments for that particular download aren’t encouraging either.

Yeah, but the comments just say it’s a corel draw file, and the guy doesn’t know how to open it. But inkscape should be able to handle it.
I think i’m gonna look for another source for the files first, or if i find the time try to draw them out myself.

No, next time i find some time i’m gonna assemble my maslow damn it.


Oh CDR is Corel Draw? That shouldn’t be an issue at all. (I thought it was an ISO file for a CD writer or something)

Someone with a virtual account number feature on their account should buy some credits and see if there’s any attempted malfeasance. (I left Citi a while back so I can’t do that anymore :frowning: )

It looks they ripped off this design. You can order one from a design house for + $2000 dollars, and they will throw in the cushions. :grinning:

It’s a beautiful design, one could try to sketch it in CAD if they were skilled enough.

Wow, that’s shameless pricing, now i feel fine copying the plans :slight_smile:


It does look pretty straightforward. I’d like to change it to have four legs so it could be used in the lawn… now if I could only find a free hour without the kids trying to “help” that I could dedicate to drafting it.

I’ll have to rely on the wife to figure out the cushions :slight_smile:

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