Has someone used wireshark to sniff on the USB port comunitcation (and more noob questions)?

It’s been decades since i’ve used wireshark and USB was not there those days.
I’ve got it installed and can get it to record the arduino traffic, but applying a filter, to for example only catch Eeprom read/write is giving me a hard time. Yes, i can giggle, but if someone has already done it, that could save me 2 or 3 days. Evan links to a similar topics can help. Any ‘pointer’ is more then welcome.

Other ‘real time’ values that i would be interested in are:

  • currently assumed chain length left/right chain
  • current encoder value left/right

Optionally, how difficult is to adjust the logging in GC to reflect the ‘real time’ values?
I’m hoping that GC has the information present. In what files is the log.txt handled?
If the info i’m looking for is sealed in the firmware, what are the FW files handling GC’s log?
Again i could search, but hey, that would take me weeks and that’s what the ‘no judgement’ category is for, right?

Kind regards, Gero

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I spent a bit of time with Wireshark sniffing the serial stream, but never found it that useful for just monitoring the stream.
The log.txt file has everything sent and received by GC, but the continuous position messages make seeing the other stuff hard. From a terminal session within the GC directory, I use this to watch the stream without the position stuff:
tail -f log.txt | egrep -v '\''([<].*|ok|\[P)'\'''
I have this alias to run it
alias tailGC='rm log.txt ; touch log.txt ; tail -f log.txt | egrep -v '\''([<].*|ok|\[P)'\'''