Having fun with the Maslow4

Getting the hang of it :slight_smile:
To be honest I modeled it myself, but the shape is mostly stolen from this etsy idea:
It is not quite the same and I am sure the idea has been done before, it was just something i came across that i liked.
Here is how it came out with the Maslow4, sanding and light staining:


Sweeet. How did you fixture the spoon for the rear or backside mill process? or was the rear manually sanded? Looks great. Love your stuff.

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I did the rear manually, well with an angle grinder with a sanding disk on it mostly, some just by hand and paper… Was faster then modeling on computer and cutting by cnc and I wasn’t sure of the exact shape. The cnc outcut just gave me a really big head start and it made the pocket easy.

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You may want to use wooden dowels to secure the piece when working on the back


Yeah I know that is saver… So far I have been careful, but also very lucky…

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