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Having issues calibrating test cut

hey all i seem to be having issues with the test cut calibration. for some reason it seems to run off the edge past the board.
also it thinks its upside down. the software ground control and firmware are from eastbay source. also when i go to chain tension it says system failure and closes the program

Is the chain set for over or under? Are you sure the right and left motor connections are not flipped?

yes ive confirmed that as be instructions on eastbay source

this bit is confusing. if i place the chain in the direction shown. the motor goes the oppisite way

Then they are likely connected backwards or you need to load the firmware from the eastbay site

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feel like an idiot. motors were round the wrong way. reversed the board inputs and now seems to be playing ball

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It is evidence of poor labels that are not intuitive. You are not the first to experience this and likely will not be the last. Keep at it!

I’ve labelled mine to the nines and I STILL hook them up backwards :frowning:

I meant the board labels silk screened on the shield are not intuitive, but the good news is it can be easily fixed.

Yeah, i even put better labeling on the shield too. No matter what ive done to keep from messing it up, i still mess it up sometimes.

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