Hello from Denmark!

I am just curius … where are you all from ?

I am Danish.

Very new to CNC



*Edit: I am in Iowa from the US. Also new to CNC but catching on quickly with help from the forums.


Hi Gott

I’m in the UK, new to CNC, but a fairly well versed 3D print hobbyist.

Loved woodwork at school, early retirement has given me time to learn to play again :-))


I am originally from South America! From Peru!
But I live in California in the US now…

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Welcome @Gott

I’m in Los Angeles California.


Thank you

Cheers Gott
I am from Poland. New to CNC - a little practice in 3D printing and 3D modeling - early retirement give me freedom to do interesting thighs :wink:

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Greetings from the German guy in Bahrain.
The only Maslow in the Arab world I guess :slight_smile:

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Hello from Berea, Ohio, USA! I am a mentor of a high school robotics team that was given a Maslow kit by Bar and Hannah (thanks again!) We had to get past competition season, so we haven’t assembled our kit yet, and the wait is killing me. To compensate, I spend way too much time on the forums. :smile:


Welcome to the forums. My great grandparents immigrated from Denmark to the US. They came to state of Minnesota way back and I live in Minnesota, USA.

Enjoy the community.

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