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Excellent Community Forum

I want to say, this is the most time I have EVER spent reading a forum. I have read more threads on this site than any other site I have visited. You all seem to be very informed and passionate about the Maslow CNC. I am looking forward to the summer when I will be able to get my own.

A little about myself, I am a Senior Electrical Design engineer. I have been using Catia V5 3D modeling software (mechanical and electrical) for over 5 years now. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than design parts or reverse engineer things. I have always wanted to do CNC work as a hobby and I think the Maslow CNC is not only a great little machine, it is affordable and has a great group of followers.

Thanks for the great topics.
Now if you will excuse me… I see a thread I haven’t perused yet…


Haha, welcome. Sounds like you’re like the rest of us: eager to learn more with an inexpensive and evolving machine that has huge potential to make great things backed by some very brilliant minds. Can’t wait to get mine running (I hope to cut the sled this weekend!). I don’t even dare look at how many posts/threads I’ve read. I do know it’s literally been every day since I found this site and bought mine.


Thank you everyone that contributes here! I can say this forum changed my life and view of open source. It has driven me to learn more and more really useful skills. I’m looking at helping out locally in carpentry. It turns out there is a vacuum in skilled labor, the old guys are retiring and fewer and fewer young people are interested in a trade that is labor intensive. I know how to frame and drywall, but the Maslow has me looking at cabinet making. I find as spring has hit I’m spending lots of time working in the out doors and fixing my old house. I can say it’s because of my involvement here and the people inspiring me I’m trying to find some woodworkers form my local union and crash a few days helping out to see if it’s a direction I want to go down the line sometime.

Thank you


Seriously, what an amazing group. The pace at which questions get answered and issues get resolved is incredibly. :heart:

I think it’s also fair to say that everyone who contributes and posts here is appreciated by an even larger community who is watching and reading along silently. The site had over 220,000 page views last month!!!