Help! Ground Control will not hold any settings

I have for about 5 weeks had my Mazlow up and running beautifully. it was flawless and actively cutting daily. i had to reset my computer today because it froze. when it turned back on i opend up ground control and it reverted everything back to default. i was a square one. ok no problem i went though the process and got everything back to where it should be. i closed the program so i could reopen it and have the dark theme be applied and to my surprise nothing stayed. everything reverted back to default again. i uninstalled and reinstalled the arduino program and firmware. i have also had to reconnect to the port every time i open ground control. no matter what i do every time i close the program its not connected to the arduino and its all back to default.

Hmmm that is super frustrating. Is this happening on Windows or Mac? The settings are stored in a separate file from Ground Control so even removing and re-installing Ground Control shouldn’t cause your settings to be lost.

If you let us know if it’s Windows or Mac we can tell you where to look to make sure the settings file is there.

fww - Darkmode is a mac thing.

Thank you

im running it off a windows computer with 8.1 on it

Don’t forget the setting under ‘Maslow Settings’:

Color Scheme
Switch between the light and dark color schemes.


My bad - you are right I forgot about that.

Thank you

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Great! The file you are looking for will groundcontrol.ini in C:\Users{your user name} Can you check to see if that file is there?

It’s possible that somehow Ground Control is being denied permission to write the file there.