No communication between computer and Maslow

I have the machine completely set up. I can’t get it to communicate with my computer. I have tried everything I can think of. Is there a flow chart to diagnose this?


Did you select the port in settings?

Yes. I did everything I can think of. I installed and uninstalled the software on three different laptops. I had the IT dude at my school look at it, and I had students give it a whirl.

What operating system is on the laptop you are currently using? What software are you using?

Thank you

Can you snap a screenshot of the Arduino IDE right after you upload the firmware? That screen can tell us a lot.

Bee, I am using Windows 10. I just updated it so, it should be up to date. I will get a screen shot as soon as I can.

I am also trying on my Mac. This is what it is showing me when trying to open ground control:

I am not sure how to change the setting on my Mac.


On Windows open Device Manager from control panel and expand ports com & Lpt. Send a screen shot of that please.

Thank you

right click and select “open” you should only have to do that the first time.

After continued attempts we are unsuccessful to get the machine to work. Currently, this is our situation.

-We have ground control up and running, but there still seems to be some connectivity issue.
-Originally, we had one power input plugged in and were receiving one flashing orange LED.
-After we changed to the other power port, we got three steady green LED’s and one orange steady LED.
-Which port is correct? Should both ports have a power source?
-Ground control states that it is connected to the Arduino but we can not calibrate the router.
-There is no actuation in the motors.


you need to be plugged into the power port on the motor card, not on the

if you plug into the arduino you will get lights and communicate with the
computer, but not get any motors to move

David Lang

I was able to get the motors to move last night! After restarting the Arduino and changing a port in my laptop it started working.