Help making a 1:1 print as a drill template

Hello, I’m trying to learn FreeCAD and I have gotten my solid model, but I need to make a 1:1 print so that I can overlay it on some wood and drill the holes in the proper position. This is the last step I need to be able to assemble my Z axis and be sure that everything is as square as I can make it with the tools I have on hand. I am attaching the STL and FreeCAD files in the hope that will be enough. If there is anything else needed let me know! Thank you for your help!
Upright.stl (56.9 KB) UprightSimple.FCStd (29.5 KB)

Can you be more descriptive by what you mean by 1:1 print? As in go to Kinkos/Fedex and get a 2D print or 3D print on some 3D printer. If so what printer and what slicer? What Material?

Thank you

Maybe I have an incorrect assumption, but I’ve been trying to make a 1:1 blueprint using an A4 sheet or whichever is 8.5”x11”. I am going to try laying it out with my measuring tools, I just think it would be more accurate if I had the paper as a template. The part is less than 8.5”x11” so I figured it would work. Having a 3D printer drill template for mass production intrigues me lol but I really only need one. I only included the stl file because I figured it is a common file that is easily passed. The fcstd seems specific to FreeCAD, but I’m not sure TBH.

If you have a calibrated laser - you can do that too. :wink:

Thank you

I was thinking the same thing, my laser engraver has done a 16 lines per mm photograph, so it should be able to get me more than enough accuracy. I will attempt burning lines in the piece of wood I mounted it to for moving and then attempt positioning the board correctly on those burn marks. That is probably the closest thing I have available. I am probably shooting for overkill on this, but better than that have to do it all again because I can’t get the accuracy I want from my Maslow lol. I have had fun learning, just frustrated that I haven’t gotten as far as I would like in the time I have. Thanks for your input! I need as many minds as possible to get the best answers IMO.