Help me! Please

Ground control keeps connecting and disconnecting. I’m losing my mind. Anyone have any ideas? I’m setting this thing up. Haven’t done anything with it.

Had same problem, thanks to @bee fixed my problem

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check to make sure you exited from the arduino software, the most common cause
of this problem is the two software packages fighting over the serial port.

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Hello @Beau, welcome. The ‘connected/not connected’ sequence happens when GroundControl is able to connect to the serial port you have selected, but it doesn’t receive the expected reply from the Arduino on the other end of the USB cable.
Were you able to program the Arduino with the Maslow firmware? That firmware will give GroundControl the expected response. If you weren’t able to get the ‘upload complete’ result when programming the Arduino, we can help you get that done. Here is the guide, and ask questions here if there are steps that are giving trouble.
If you got ‘upload complete’, that’s one hurdle passed. Make sure to quit the Arduino programming application to be sure that it isn’t holding onto the serial port attached to the Maslow setup. If you’re still getting the ‘connected/ not connected’ message after quitting that program, make sure that the serial port selected in GroundControl is the right one. Is it absent from the list when the Arduino isn’t plugged in?
Let us know how it’s going!