Help with IDing an R2200

Ok I’m sure I’m being over cautious here but this router here from eBay looks to be a ridged r2200 (and labels as such) but I’m not super confident as I can’t see the back in the pics to see the depth adjustment.

I know it looks like it’s us a hard life but my plan is to get the Bosch POF1200 and do the z axis adaption but this could get me off the ground quickly and then give me a reserve if I blow through one.

I’m basically just looking for someone with a little more knowledge of the r2200 to confirm as their not usually available in the uk and this might be too good to pass up

Ta regardless,


It looks to me like the one… but sure looks WELL used!

The other issue is speed control does not work and it has been set to full throttle! That would be a deal breaker for me! I have mine set to low and still wish it was slower!

Someone else speak up! I could be wrong.

That’s good enough caution to put me off, I’ll just wait for all the bits to arrive for the bosh adaption.

As a complete moron could you give me a quick run down of why slower spindle speed would be better.

Thanks for your response


if you are producing dust instead of chips, the dust carries away less heat than
the chips do, and the bit is spending more time rubbing against the wood, which
produces more heat

at best this reduces the lifetime of the cutting edge of your bit, at worst this
can set your workpiece on fire.

David Lang

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That is a great bit of advice. thanks!