Hi, I need help on a fusion360 design


i’ve a trouble generating gcode from a particular desk design on fusion360. It doesn’t seems to have any mistakes but, when I try to generate a 2D pocket on particular area it doesn’t seem to cut that area all the way, even when the area is fully selected.
Also, as you’ll see on the file I have several bodies ( on a 4*8 plywood sheet) to cut, and when i try to do the contours, it doesn’t seem to select the whole body but just pieces of it. On the simulation it cuts all the way through.
I’ve based my calibration on fusion 360 on the video from broaudio on youtube and i’ve set the tool as precisely as I can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UbAr7VcK4U&t=859sI’ve also added the dogbone on the file with the dogbone addin you can find here https://github.com/tapnair/Dogbone
DebitBureau1.f3d (718.1 KB)

Here is the file.
Can someone have a look at it and tell me if they have the same issue on their side?

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I’m no expert with fusion 360 but from what I could test with your body 5, it works better if you select the top edge of the contour instead of the bottom edge (depending on the contour - not a rule). Other wise there are many interruptions on the contour.
As you have different levels, I believe you may have to make several pockets starting with the most shallow and then going to the deeper, controlling the height of each pocket in the heights tab.

As far as I know each 2D pocket will only work in one level

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thank you for the feedback! I’ve also seen that a 3d pocketing can do several depth at a time I hope it will work with maslow (it should)

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